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Capzles allows the user to create multimedia storylines with video, photos, blogs and mp3 files.

Here’s a sample of a capzle made of a school trip to China.


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The first words you see on this site are CLICK – DRAG – DONE. That pretty much sums up how easy it is to use. Roxer allows users to create web sites for free, and the tools are very simple to learn. No programming knowledge is needed, and no software is required. You can upload images from your browser, and create pretty snazzy looking pages. Roxer even hosts the pages. Did I mention this all is FREE? A great tool for student projects!

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Create an mp3 file to use in a project by entering the text you want to have read, choosing a male or female voice and clicking on CREATE MP3. It’s that simple! You can download the mp3 file to your hard drive and upload it into your project.

Before you use it in anything, be sure to listen to it. Occasionally with sound files that are created this way, you may need to “tweak” what you write to get it to be pronounced correctly.

There is also a bookmarklet available for most browsers – after you install it, you just select any text as you browse the Internet, click the vozMe button and you will hear the text.

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LabWrite is an awesome site that walks students through the process of writing a lab. It is very detailed and includes an in-depth collection of resources to assist with graphing and writing in labs.

Click here for a powerpoint presentation on HOW TO USE LABWRITE.

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Teachers are always looking for ways to make assignments authentic and relevant to their students. At Artsonia, students and teachers can upload and share student artwork and digital pictures to be seen internationally in this online art museum…and perhaps do some fund-raising at the same time!

Get a free account, share the web address with parents, and they can not only view their students’ creations online, but they can also order items through the Artsonia gift shop made with their students’ artwork. Schools earn 15% when parents purchase custom keepsakes with their child’s artwork. Products range from note cards to shirts, cutting boards to mousepads and bumper stickers to key chains….all made from the uploaded student work.

The site also offers lesson plans organized by grade level, media type, and subject areas across the curriculum.

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Create free educational flash games and activities here. Each flash template can be saved as an html file or as a widget that can be embedded in a website. No signup is needed.

Some of the different templates include:
* Arcade Game Generator!
* Countdown Timer
* Random Name Picker
* Dustbin Game
* Post It
* Diamond 9
* Fishbone (Ishikawa)
* Venn
* Timeline
* Lights Out
* Target
* Hamburger
* Living Graph
* Learning Cycle
* Jigsaw Diagram
* Priority Chart
* Source Analyser

Some of these graphic organizers are particularly helpful learning aids for English Learners.

Click here to download information about the template collection.

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Scholastic Word Wizard Dictionary


My favorite feature on this site is the Mini-Dictionary Maker. Students can enter a personalized group of words and generate their own dictionaries. Other site features include games, a quiz-maker and lesson ideas.

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