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At first glance, eyePlorer just looked like a cool, visual search engine. But there’s another feature that makes it even better. You can actually drag information from the visual search onto a virtual notepad which then can be e-mailed or copied to your clipboard and into a document. Wish we had this when I was in college!!


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Prezi is a unique online application that creates  non-linear presentations by  mapping ideas, images and videos,  and it has the ability to zoom into details.   If there is no web access when you want to show your presentation, a downloadable version can be obtained to show offline anywhere…and flash is not required.

Learn more about Prezi:

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Our Story


“Save Stories, Photos, and Videos on a Collaborative Timeline.” Share with family, friends or others…make personal collections or use to create reports on school-related topics with collections of photos or videos and research.

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Create mind maps for yourself or to share with others anywhere in the world, via the Internet.

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MyStudiyo allows users to create multimedia quizzes for their websites or blogs – or players can be invited to a MyStudiyo Channel Page. There are a variety of templates to use, and it’s a very user-friendly site.

Here is an example from the MyStudiyo site:

Students can sign up for their own channel page and create quizzes to share with one another – a great way to encourage them to internalize information!

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