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Using ScreenToaster, you can create screencasts, demos and more without downloading any software. You can share your videos by embedding them in webpages, or you can share them by e-mail.

See a site demo here.


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ShareTabs turns a collection of Internet web addresses into an overview page that shows thumbnails of the linked pages with tabs across the top of the page for choosing to view each full size page. A personalized web address is assigned to the collection.

Here’s an example with some of the Web 2.0 sites.

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dropio is a “simple private file sharing” site. When you go to the address, a personal web page address is generated for you….no sign-up required. (Although you will be setting a administrator password for the site.) You are allowed some simple appearance settings too.

Click here to see their HOW TO video.

An e-mail address is available for your page so that you can send files that way too. Students can use this to create collaborative collections, and it can also be used as a dropbox for teachers to access student work paperlessly. There’s an upgradable version, but you can do all of the above for free.

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Select an effect, upload a photo, and create a graphic to use in a presentation or project.

Here’s an example:

There’s also a “send as postcard” feature that you can use.

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Tag Galaxy

This German search site for pictures is very unique! Type in a topic and a collection of “planets” labeled with your topic and related sub-topics appears in a mapping format. Make a choice, and a collection of related pictures appear and form a globe that can be rotated to find a picture that you want to use.

Here’s an example of the collection I got with the tag “Obama”…


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DrPic is an easy-to-use free picture editor with special effects.

This is the Polaroid effect:


DrPic doesn’t require any signup…just upload your picture, edit it, choose the file format you want and save the new version back to your computer. Easy to use!

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Not just a search engine…
Type in a topic, choose the type of search you want to do, and then you can create a workspace of specific sites, images, etc. that you want to save.


You can embed your workspace in a blog or on a website or you can add specific web addressed – then share your research with others via e-mail.

This would make a great collaboration tool for student projects.



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With Artpad, you can create a drawing and then either e-mail to someone directly from the site or grab the web address of your creation to share. When your artwork “plays”, all of your movements from start to finish are displayed.

Click here for a site with some classroom use ideas and instructions for using Artpad.

I like the text tool that’s available. That adds another dimension to what you can create with Artpad. Click here for an example:

Using a graphics tablet with this site provides the user with a little more detail control.

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Quizlet is a social flashcard site. There are lots of sets of flashcards there already for all kinds of areas – languages/vocabulary, standardized tests, math/science, history/social and professional/trade. You can create your own flashcards or play with another user’s collection. Once you create or choose a set, then you choose between:


You can also share your flashcards to MySpace or Facebook.

Click here for a demo of Quizlet.

(This demo was made with JING which is a free download for Mac or Windows. Click here for a demo of Jing.)

Having students create lists will not only help them study, but they will be contributing to learners all over the Internet.

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Goal Organiser

OK – so my spell check is going a little crazy right now because we spell “organiser” with a Z here in California…but this is a great FREE tool that helps users get organiZed and meet the goals they set for themselves. There is also a feature that will pester you via e-mail if you haven’t been updating your progress.

Have any students (or colleagues) who could use a little planning and prodding?

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