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“Save Stories, Photos, and Videos on a Collaborative Timeline.” Share with family, friends or others…make personal collections or use to create reports on school-related topics with collections of photos or videos and research.


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Create mind maps for yourself or to share with others anywhere in the world, via the Internet.

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Not just a search engine…
Type in a topic, choose the type of search you want to do, and then you can create a workspace of specific sites, images, etc. that you want to save.


You can embed your workspace in a blog or on a website or you can add specific web addressed – then share your research with others via e-mail.

This would make a great collaboration tool for student projects.



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EtherPad is a really easy-to-use collaboration tool.  It doesn’t require an account…just go to the website, click on CREATE NEW PAD, and start typing.

picture-6A unique URL is generated for your new pad, and you can use it to invite others to collaborate with you.  What’s great about this site is that you can see what others are adding right away.  Each participant chooses a different color to identify their contributions to the document.  There is also a chat window on the right side of the screen for sidebar discussions.  The website suggests all kinds of business uses, but students can use it to collaborate on writing, projects and more.

What ideas do you have for using this wiki-ish site with students?

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So, you have a collection of links that you want to share with your students – or you want them to put together some web resources to share with one another? All you have to do is go to this site, type (or paste) in the URLs for the sites to share, and ShareTabs creates a single link that takes you to a browser window that shows all of the links in individual tabs…with a preview tab and page with large thumbnails for all of the sites in the batch.

Here’s an example with Web 2.0 sites:

How would you use this with students?

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Combine websites, PowerPoint presentations and pictures with your voice and text to highlight what you want others to see.  This is a great site for both teachers and students to use for projects on just about any topic.

Watch this flowgram about Web 2.0 and education …

Here are some ideas from others on using Flowgram in education:

iLearn Technology

The Digital Narrative

How will you use this tool with your students?

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List Makers

Students can be more organized if they create “to do” lists for projects and collaborative activities. These are some sites that create sharable lists for them to use.

do it, do it, done  (Click here for a sample list.)

Checkser (a list wiki)

Love to hear ways that you might use these with your students!

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Next Vista for Learning

Great site created by a very entertaining and articulate presenter, Rushton Hurley.   Basically, it’s a place where you can send videos made by your students to be shared.  Now, not just any video…there are “Light Bulbs” which are introductions to topics by students and teachers.  There are “Global Views” – student-made videos that describe life and activities in schools and communities around the world.  “Seeing Service” is a section dedicated to profiles of people who make life better for everyone.  If you’re interested, Rushton will even give you some pointers. If you are attending the CUE Conference, try to make one of his sessions!

Example films from Next Vista for Learning

Multiply by Nines

An Introduction to Bahrain

An inexpensive video camera that works great for student movie-making is the Flip video.  You can read more about it HERE.

Amazon is a great place to buy one.

Write about your contributions to Next Vista for Learning!

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