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MyStudiyo allows users to create multimedia quizzes for their websites or blogs – or players can be invited to a MyStudiyo Channel Page. There are a variety of templates to use, and it’s a very user-friendly site.

Here is an example from the MyStudiyo site:

Students can sign up for their own channel page and create quizzes to share with one another – a great way to encourage them to internalize information!


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Create free educational flash games and activities here. Each flash template can be saved as an html file or as a widget that can be embedded in a website. No signup is needed.

Some of the different templates include:
* Arcade Game Generator!
* Countdown Timer
* Random Name Picker
* Dustbin Game
* Post It
* Diamond 9
* Fishbone (Ishikawa)
* Venn
* Timeline
* Lights Out
* Target
* Hamburger
* Living Graph
* Learning Cycle
* Jigsaw Diagram
* Priority Chart
* Source Analyser

Some of these graphic organizers are particularly helpful learning aids for English Learners.

Click here to download information about the template collection.

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Jeopardy Labs


The most important thing to remember when using this site is to write down the address of the game that you have created and to keep track of your editing password. No registration is required, which is why you have to keep track of the information when you create a game. You can go back and edit it if you need to, and all you need to share the game is the “play” URL that is given to you each time you hit SAVE.

Students can work in teams to build a jeopardy template specific to the subject they are studying and then share their game with other groups to reinforce concepts, practice vocabulary, etc.

How would this fit into your curriculum?

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Free Rice

My French 2 and 3 students absolutely love using this site to build their French vocabulary.  But the subjects available for the Free Rice game are not just limited to languages; art, chemistry, English, geography and math are included too.  And, as a bonus, the site claims to donate rice through the UN World Food program for every right answer. Give it a try yourself!

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