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ShareTabs turns a collection of Internet web addresses into an overview page that shows thumbnails of the linked pages with tabs across the top of the page for choosing to view each full size page. A personalized web address is assigned to the collection.

Here’s an example with some of the Web 2.0 sites.


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Goal Organiser

OK – so my spell check is going a little crazy right now because we spell “organiser” with a Z here in California…but this is a great FREE tool that helps users get organiZed and meet the goals they set for themselves. There is also a feature that will pester you via e-mail if you haven’t been updating your progress.

Have any students (or colleagues) who could use a little planning and prodding?

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Lovely Charts


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So, you join for free, and you have a place on the Internet where you can leave yourself virtual sticky notes…reminders, etc. But that’s not all! In addition to being able to e-mail your notes to others, you can set it up to e-mail yourself your notes daily or weekly. But there’s more! You can attach files to those sticky notes too! Pretty cool!


How would you have students use these?

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So, you have a collection of links that you want to share with your students – or you want them to put together some web resources to share with one another? All you have to do is go to this site, type (or paste) in the URLs for the sites to share, and ShareTabs creates a single link that takes you to a browser window that shows all of the links in individual tabs…with a preview tab and page with large thumbnails for all of the sites in the batch.

Here’s an example with Web 2.0 sites:

How would you use this with students?

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List Makers

Students can be more organized if they create “to do” lists for projects and collaborative activities. These are some sites that create sharable lists for them to use.

do it, do it, done  (Click here for a sample list.)

Checkser (a list wiki)

Love to hear ways that you might use these with your students!

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