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At first glance, eyePlorer just looked like a cool, visual search engine. But there’s another feature that makes it even better. You can actually drag information from the visual search onto a virtual notepad which then can be e-mailed or copied to your clipboard and into a document. Wish we had this when I was in college!!


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Both of these sites are easy-to-use and pretty accurate, as online translators go!



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LabWrite is an awesome site that walks students through the process of writing a lab. It is very detailed and includes an in-depth collection of resources to assist with graphing and writing in labs.

Click here for a powerpoint presentation on HOW TO USE LABWRITE.

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Scholastic Word Wizard Dictionary


My favorite feature on this site is the Mini-Dictionary Maker. Students can enter a personalized group of words and generate their own dictionaries. Other site features include games, a quiz-maker and lesson ideas.

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Jeopardy Labs


The most important thing to remember when using this site is to write down the address of the game that you have created and to keep track of your editing password. No registration is required, which is why you have to keep track of the information when you create a game. You can go back and edit it if you need to, and all you need to share the game is the “play” URL that is given to you each time you hit SAVE.

Students can work in teams to build a jeopardy template specific to the subject they are studying and then share their game with other groups to reinforce concepts, practice vocabulary, etc.

How would this fit into your curriculum?

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Free Rice

My French 2 and 3 students absolutely love using this site to build their French vocabulary.  But the subjects available for the Free Rice game are not just limited to languages; art, chemistry, English, geography and math are included too.  And, as a bonus, the site claims to donate rice through the UN World Food program for every right answer. Give it a try yourself!

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Spelling City

Great site for learning new spelling words. Teacher or students can enter a word list and then use the TEST ME, TEACH ME or PLAY A GAME features to study the words. The sentences are automatically created for the words so the students can hear them in context. The site also includes spelling lists of the month that have already been created and are ready to use.

Please share ways that you use this site with your students!

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Word Wizard

My students submit a weekly list of words that they encounter for which they do not know the meanings. (We call this their Personal Vocabulary assignment.) I use their contributions to create vocabulary activities. Using Scholastic’s Word Wizard, we can enter groups of their words into My Mini-Dictonary Maker to get the definitions, see which of the words have multiple meanings and create a personalized mini-dictionary for them.

Please share ways that you use this site with your students!

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Physics Simulations

My Physics teacher husband shared this site with me. He has it in his Blackboard course for his students to use for independent practice and also to use for students who miss a lab in class.

Please share ways that you use this site with your students!

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